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Separation Anxiety Training For North County San Diego Community Dogs


Do You Come Home To General Destruction? Or Worse: A Dog Who Has Injured Themselves?

If your pup is always at your heels, panics when you pick up your keys, or is causing self-harm while you’re out, it can feel overwhelming and stressful. While separation anxiety is traumatizing for your dog, it can leave you feeling isolated and hopeless.

With the help of modern technology and a plan for systematic desensitization, we’ll be able to observe your pup’s behavior and give you daily, easy-to-execute exercises designed to help your dog recover from their alone-time issues.

Why Work With A Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer?

  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Weekly Live Progress Check-Ins
  • Custom Daily “Missions” 5 Days A Week
  • Thorough Record Keeping And Analysis Of Your Dog’s Behavior
  • Daily Support And Feedback From Lynn, Your Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

Separation Anxiety Training Rates

  • Our training program is designed with 4-week training sequences, with 1 live session a week and 5 daily missions a week based on your reported observations.
  • The Proficient Pup believes that your comfort as a pup parent is as important as the comfort of your pup, so after each 4-week sequence, we encourage you to assess how you feel and determine if you would like to continue with training.
  • Each 4 Week Sequence – $850

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

They might…


Pace, Tremble, Or Whine Before You Leave


Attempt To Escape


Bark Or Cry Excessively While You’re Gone


Exhibit Destructive Behavior Such As: Digging, Scratching, Ripping Or Chewing


Have Potty Accidents When You’re Away


Excessively Lick Or Chew Their Paws Or Other Body Parts


Refuse Food Or Treats

If you think your pup may be suffering from separation anxiety, we can help.

How Separation Anxiety Training Works


Contact us to schedule an Initial Assessment.

During this meeting, we’ll assess your dog’s behavior and discuss your goals.


We’ll schedule weekly live, virtual check-ins

with your trainer, Lynn, to assess your dog’s progress and set you up with daily “missions” to reach your alone-time goals.


Enjoy the peace of mind

that your dog is safe and comfortable while you’re away and that your home will be in one piece when you return.

Let’s Take Your Dog From Fearful to Playful!

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