Training for Your Unique Dog


The Proficient Pup

Private Dog Training To Keep North County San Diego Community Dogs Enriched, Safe, Confident And Healthy.


Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd…

Group classes are often large and chaotic, making it difficult for you and your dog or puppy to get the individual attention you need. In addition, they can be costly and don't always offer quality instruction.

That's why we exclusively offer private training at The Proficient Pup so that we can work with your dog or puppy one-on-one in your home! We focus on your dog’s specific needs and your training goals, creating a custom training plan and allowing you and your pup to learn at your own pace.

Getting Started

All of our training begins with a 90-minute consultation.

During this time we’ll learn more about you, your pup, their unique needs, and your specific training goals. We’ll then discuss what course of training is best for you and your dog.

All Consultations Include :

  • A Specialized Training Plan
  • The Start of a Training Behavior
  • Information About Diet, Exercise,
  • Complimentary Clicker
  • Email Support


$225/90 Minutes for 1 Dog
$300/120 Minutes for 2 Dogs

Specialized Training

Reactivity Relief

As a reactive dog-parent, there is nothing more anxiety-inducing than worrying about a surprise dog around the corner or a child riding by on a bike.

Whether it’s strangers, other dogs, unfamiliar sites and sounds or all of the above, we can tailor a training program to fit your pup’s needs.

We’ll help you start enjoying walks, new places, and guests with a confident dog at your side!

Skills We Can Work On:

  • Barking or Lunging
  • Snapping or Biting
  • Fear of Unfamiliar Noises
  • Fear of New Places
  • Your Dog’s Specific Triggers

General Manners


Is your dog a little too excited to focus? Maybe they’re a jumper or at the end of the leash all the time. Maybe their recall goes out the door as soon as they step “out-the-door”? Sometimes a little help with the basics is all you and your pup need.

We can help with those must-have behaviors so you can live happily together.

Skills We Can Work On:

  • Four-On-The-Floor
  • Stay
  • Leave It
  • Polite Greetings
  • Loose Leash
  • Coming When Called
  • And More!

Hello, Puppy!

For the start of puppy training, we’ll work on the basics. We’ll help your puppy learn to navigate their new world and grow into a confident dog; we’ll save your floors from potty accidents and your favorite pair of shoes from the garbage can.

Skills We Can Work On:

  • Potty Training
  • Chewing and Play Biting
  • Crate training
  • Handling
  • And Most Importantly - Socialization

Out N’ About Puppy


This course is designed for puppies who are ready for higher learning! We’ll not only work on keeping your carpets clean and your house in one piece, but we’ll start working on basic manners and cues.

Skills We Can Work On:

  • Friendly Greetings
  • Wearing a Harness
  • Loosh-Leash Walking
  • Drop-It and Leave-It
  • Recall
  • And Most Importantly - Socialization!

How Private Training Works


Schedule a consultation.

We’ll assess your dog's behavior and discuss your goals.


Choose your training sequence

and then we train your dog together.


Feel the relief

of living with a calmer, more focused, and more confident pup.

Private Training Rates

Following the consultation, you can choose to continue with another 4-, 8-, or 12- session sequence.





4 Session Sequence



8 Session Sequence



12 Session Sequence