The Proficient Pup

The Proficient Pup:Owner, Dog Trainer, and Canine Massage Therapist serving North County San Diego


Lynn Webb - M.A., KPA CTP, CSAT, CTMT

Hi, there! I like to describe myself in two ways: Friendly and Qualified. I am certified by the Karen Pryor Academy as a Certified Training Partner, and my previous profession uniquely equipped me for dog training. During my 16 years at the San Diego Zoo, I cared for all kinds of animals: from insects to elephants. I have seen positive reinforcement training work for all species of animals.

I am also certified as a canine massage therapist. I love to see a dog appear relaxed and content during and after a session. When we treat the bodies and minds of our furry best friends, we are giving them the best shot at living a happy, healthy life!

One of my favorite parts of training dogs is connecting with my human clients. With a fearful dog of my own, I share that experience of feeling frustration, sadness, and confusion while caring for an anxious dog. I have also known the relief of reducing my dog’s anxiety through training and massage.


Training with Lynn

I believe your pup’s well being and training is interconnected. My focus is on developing and strengthening confidence and focus while increasing comfort and relaxation. The Proficient Pup offers services that will increase confidence, response, and relaxation skills, and decrease anxiety, fear, and worry. It works for both you and your pup!


Private Training

is not only a source of knowledge and relief for pup parents, but a great source of enrichment for your dog.


Canine Massage

provides comfort and supports the health of your dog while also enhancing the training experience.


Separation Anxiety Training

is all about building confidence in your pup and in your relationship with them.


Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

is just one way to ensure not only the safety of your dog, but also of you!

Knowledge, Enrichment, Comfort, Health, Confidence, and Safety

are the components that build a strong training foundation for you and your dog!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to educating humans and training dogs to help increase and improve communication, better interactions, and increase the comfort of both humans and dogs. We care deeply about relieving fear and anxiety in our canine clients and we are invested in reducing these same feelings in their humans. We take a comprehensive approach to our training in our efforts to serve both dog and dog-parent.

Why Positive Reinforcement?


It’s Effective…

Because it rewards the dog for desired behaviors, which encourages them to repeat those behaviors and it is scientifically proven to work!


It’s Ethical…

Because it does not involve inflicting pain or fear on the dog, which can cause long-term behavioral issues and hinder your dog’s progress.


It’s Enjoyable…

For both dog and owner! It creates a positive relationship in which both parties are able to communicate, strengthening their bond!

Let’s Take Your Dog From Fearful to Playful!