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Rattlesnake Avoidance Training For North County San Diego Community Dogs


Is Your Pup A Little Too Curious?

Do you love hitting the trails and enjoying nature with your dog, but worry about encountering dangerous wildlife? Or maybe you have a backyard that receives visitors that could harm your pup?

Your concerns are understandable: after all, potentially dangerous wildlife is found in many areas across California, and specifically here in North County San Diego, where we are home to several species of venomous rattlesnakes.

Without the use of shock or live snakes,

and using only progressive, Positive-Reinforcement methods, we train both you and your dog to avoid contact with rattlesnakes and other wildlife, so you can both enjoy the outdoors without worry!


Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

for Puppies or Adult Dogs - $750

(5 Sessions)

What You’ll Learn

  • Snake Behaviors And Habitats
  • How To Manage Your Environment
  • How To Safely Move Away From A Snake
  • How To Avoid Rattlesnakes Using Visual Auditory, and Olfactory Cues
  • How To Use Your Pup’s Training To Keep Them Safe in Various Environments

What Your Pup Will Learn

How to respond to and focus on you in the presence of snakes and other distractions.


*We do not use live snakes or shock training

How Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Works


Contact us to schedule your sessions.

We’ll gather some information about you and your pup and get you on the calendar!


We’ll train your dog together

either in your own backyard or in another outdoor space in Escondido, personalized to your needs and lifestyle.


Enjoy your time

on the trail with the peace of mind that you and your dog are safe! We’ll always be here to support you via email, text, or phone!

Let’s Take Your Dog From Fearful to Playful!